"Charles Nassif...possesses the blend of qualities,that is very hard to find in a single actor, and this makes him an outstanding actor..His success in both Australia and in the United States, is a testament to his extraordinary abilities and the unique nature of his talent."
Uta Hagen
Legendary actress/acting teacher.

"I can without a doubt conclude that he is an excellent actor who has raised the level of productions he had been involved in to great heights. His superb acting methods and natural talent and charisma, as well as his passion for his work and sincerity of his approach are extremely rare in the field. Mr. Nassif is an outstanding perfomer inwhom numerous talents and abilities merge and create the harmony that makes a truly great actor."
Edith O'Hara
Producer/Founder & Artistic Director of the Thirteenth Street Theatre.

"I have been deeply moved by his work, which is reflective of his devotion to his art and his profession.
Howard Atlee
Press Representative.

"Mr. Nassif's unique talent is in becoming every role he is assigned, in his incredible flexibility and versatility, which makes him adaptable to any type of character. I belive that Charles Nassif is one of the very unique and rare talents in the field today."
Robert Collins
Director/Writer of three time Emmy nominated movie "The Hijacking of the Achille Lauro".

"The Australian Government in New York considers Mr. Nassif to be one of our cultural treasures.."
Robert Archibald
Manager of Cultural relations at the Australian Consulate-General in New York.

"I rank him as a truly extraordinary actor with tremendous passion and commitment to his craft."
Lois Deutchman
Award winning Broadway producer.

"Mr. Nassif's technique, vocal abilities, empathetic skills, creativity have propelled him to the top of his field."
Ken Terrell
Producer/Artistic Director of the Curan Repertory Company.

"In the years that I have known Mr. Nassif, he has impressed me with his tremendous talent and creativity.He brings a unique and singular vision to his work. His interpretation of characters is consistently striking and revelatory..Mr. Nassif raises the artistic and aesthetic levels of every production that he participates in."
Edward Morehouse

"A very gifted and motivated actor, Charles is a delight to watch and learn from. His sensitivity and unique approach are qualities not often encountered in our field, and he is a rare exemplification of all the characteristics that make up a great artist."
John Orcsik
Austarlian director/writer/actor.

"The commercial was a national release and went on to win awards and make headlines in Australia. A great deal depends on the lead actor..and we were lucky to find Charles. He...played the part of Lawrence of Arabia to perfection. He has a great deal to offer any production..."
Anna Fawcett and David Denneen
Executive Producer and director,respectively,of Film Graphics Productions, a prominent commercial film production company in Austarlia. Mr. Denneen won an Academy Award and has twice been awarded the title Director of the Decade. From the award winning Toyota Land Cruiser commercial.

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