CHARLES NASSIF began his acting career In Sydney Australia, studying with Brian Syron, working in theater in plays such as Alex Buzo's NORM & AHMED to critical acclaim.

From there he was cast in the lead role in the Movie THE HIJACKING OF THE ACHILLE LAURO based on the real life story of the actual hijacking. The movie was Directed by Robert E. Collins and was nominated for 3 Emmy Awards. Charles played the lead, Bassam Al Askar, working with Oscar winners Karl Malden and Lee Grant and also E.G.Marshal and Vera Miles.

From there he was cast as the lead in a 3 minute national commercial for Toyota Land Cruiser which was shown on all TV channels at the same time and went on to win the Martin O'Neill Award for best commercial.

He also starred as the police officer in AUSTRALIA'S MOST WANTED. He was instrumental in helping launch The Aboriginal National Theatere Trust in Australia, performing at the prestigious Belvoir Street Theater which has launched many of Australia's best talents including Mel Gibson, Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchet .

He furthered his career studying with legendary Tony Winner Uta Hagen,Oscar nominated William Hickey and Edward Morehouse. From there he performed at the 13th street theater in Israel Horowitz's LINE, I-LAND and the world premiere of THE RED MOON OF NARCIE POOL.

He played a reporter in the independent film,I SHOT ANDY WARHOL, and was a special guest on THE MAURY POVICH SHOW. He also appeared on the CBS TODAY SHOW with Bryant Gumble, promoting ING Direct.

He can be seen in the new independent film called TEN SOULS RISING, playing the lead Peter directed by Emily Rosdeitcher, produced by S. Casper Wong.

He also can be seen in the music video THE LIFE YOU LIVE where he plays 'the band manager' at

Charles completed a live performance and taping promotion for the show 5 DAYS TO MIDNIGHT playing a police officer, in 2004.

Charles recently just finished shooting the independent feature film called 'Soul Mates',where he stars , playing the Greek God 'Hermes'. He is also the Producer of the film.

Charles is currently working on finishing his trilogy screenplay and shooting them into full features.

As to the Independent short film, 'TEN SOULS RISING' , it was accepted in 17 film festivals around the world, winning 2 awards:

1.The First Run Film Festival
Film Festival
New York, NY, USA 2005

2.The Fusion Film Festival
Film Festival
New York, NY, USA 2005
AWARD: Best Cinematographer.

3.Cleveland International Film Festival
Film Festival
Cleveland, OH, USA
March 2006

4.Sonoma Valley Film Festival
Film Festival
Sonoma, CA, USA
April 2006

5.Moondance International Film Festival
Film Festival
Los Angeles, CA, USA
June 2006

6.ReelHeART International Film Festival
Film Festival
Toronto, Canada
June 2006

7.Golden Wagon Film Festival
Film Festival
Fire Island, NY, USA
July 2006

8.Expresi´┐Żn en Corto
Film Festival
San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, Mexico
July 2006

9.Rhode Island International Film Festival
Film Festival
Providence, RI, USA
August 2006

10.Los Angeles International Shorts Festival
Film Festival
Los Angeles, USA
September 2006

11.Borges en Curt
Film Festival
Lleida, Spain
September 2006

12.Heart of Gold International Film Festival
Film Festival
Gympie, Queensland, Australia
October 2006

13.Golden Lion Film Festival
Film Festival
Mbabane, Swaziland
October 2006

14.Annapolis Film Festival
Film Festival
Annapolis, MD, USA
November 2006

15.Santa Fe Film Festival
Film Festival
Santa Fe, NM, USA
December 2006

16.New York Jewish Student Film Festival
Film Festival
New York, NY, USA
March 2007
AWARDS: 2nd Prize

17.Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series
Brooklyn, NY, USA
June 2007

He was selected in 2004 and 2008 to be on 'The SAG Nominating Committee' for Theatrical Motion Picture Awards.
For the "11th and 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards"
In 1999 Charles was selected to be on 'The SAG Nominating Committee' for the Television side of the awards.

Charles is currently working on filming his Trilogy.

Click on the video reel section for clips of his work and travel down to the picture gallery for various pictures/stills.

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Charles has a manager in New York and a manager in Sydney, Australia. E-mail for further information.

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